Sly and robust, our Red Blend will have you questioning whether it’s really alcohol free; but this is no con; our full-bodied red is made with quality grapes, with nothing to hide.

Fox is a member of The Zero Crew, and this sly character is quick to join anyone who enjoys a sneaky red. Sip, chat, and enjoy our Not Guilty Red Blend and see if you get caught red-handed.

Not Guilty is a range of full flavoured, full bodied zero alcohol wines that know how to have a good time (and still get up for work in the morning). The Zero Crew are here to break the rules and enjoy a drink with wine lovers who want it all, all the fun without the baggage.

  1. What is Not Guilty?
    It’s a range of full flavoured, full bodied zero alcohol wines that know how to have a good time (and still get up for work the next morning).

  2. How do you define 'zero alcohol'?
    Following the UK government guidance ‘zero alcohol’ is a beverage that may contain up to 0.05% ABV. Our drinks contain less than 0.05% ABV which makes Not Guilty a ‘zero alcohol’ drink.

  3. Can you get drunk on Not Guilty drinks?
    No, our drinks contain less than 0.05% ABV and although there may be some traces of alcohol in our drinks, there is not enough to get you drunk when consuming responsibly.
    Many foods and drinks contain more alcohol than Not Guilty including orange juice that naturally contains around 0.5% ABV.

  4. How is Not Guilty made?
    The fruit in our zero alcohol wine was crushed and de-stemmed to varying sizes and styles of red fermenters where the fruit was fermented on oak at cooler temps of 18 – 22 degree Celsius for 5-7 days. Fermenting at cooler temperatures allows the fruit flavours to be nurtured and enables retention of varietal characteristics. Post fermentation, we use the latest spinning cone technology, working at low temperatures to gently remove the alcohol, ensuring wines maintain their delicate fruit flavours.

  5. How do you recommend drinking Not Guilty?
    Our drinks are best served slightly chilled to enhance the flavour.

  6. Are Not Guilty products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
    Yes, our drinks are suitable for consumption if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

  7. Where can I buy Not Guilty?

    You can catch our Zero Crew members in the following retailers:

    Morrisons: Pinot Grigio and Rosé from 17 April 2023

    ASDA: Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Red Blend from 15 May 2023

    Tesco: Pinot Grigio and Red Blend from the 29 May 2023

  8. Can I drink Not Guilty if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Whilst our drinks are enjoyed by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, we always recommend seeking advice from a health professional.

  9. Is your packaging recyclable?
    Our glass bottles and cardboard boxes are all fully recyclable. We are always searching for more sustainable ways to package our drinks and minimise our impact on the planet.

  10. Are there any allergens in Not Guilty products?

    Not Guilty has no present allergens and are gluten-free. The only sugars contained in our Not Guilty zero alcohol wines are derived from grapes, and no refined sugar is added.

    Please be sure to check our back labels on each of our products, should you need any further ingredient information.